Player Profile – Alexander Johnstone

Our initial SPFA player to be profiled is Alexander Johnstone of the Tayside Dynamos PFC.

Alexander has cerebral palsy and has very limited control of both legs and arms, however this does not stop him taking part in the beautiful game. After years of trials and tribulations with various private powerchair manufacturers, Alexander now has a head switch controlled chair that can replicate any movement that can be achieved by a joystick.

Alexander is 13 years old and joined the Tayside Dynamos in their first year, he was part of the team that finished bottom of the league in the first championship season 2013/14. He has been a regular player since then has become part of the winning championship side for the past two seasons. Alexander was honoured last season by the Dynamos and collected the award for the “Most Improved Player”.

Away from football Alexander enjoys playing video games, he claims to be the worlds foremost authority on ZELDA games, he is a keen follower of WWE wrestling and has his own you tube channel (dedicated to ZELDA). Alexander attends Monifeith High School and really enjoys his studies, particularly science.

Q. What has been your favourite thing about powerchair football ?

A.When my friends and teachers came to see me play at Dundee International Sports Centre and I scored a goal.

Q. Is there anything you dislike about the game ?

A. Having my dad as a coach, its bad enough when he goes on about my room, sometimes he just does my nut in ! Only joking Dad.

Q. What are your powerchair football goals for this year ?

A. To try and keep my concentration and not get caught up in the game.

Q. What advice would you give the SPFA for improving the game in Scotland ?

A. It would be good to have a Scotland Team, but even better if more people could start to play.

Thanks Alexander and good luck for the season ahead.


Alexander with teachers and friends at DISC after scoring his first goal.



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