League Championship Report (2) and League Update

By all accounts another fantastic day of powerchair football at Stirling Peak where the league championship 2nd fixture was held. There were many questions before the first match was underway;

  • Could the South Ayrshire Tigers continue their super impressive start to the season ?
  • Can the Bravehearts or Claymores of the Glasgow Gladiators continue their improving skills to challenge the longer established clubs ?
  • Can either Clyde club (Caledonia or Alba) stamp their authority on the championship this season ?
  • Have the Tayside Dynamos shown they are not unbeatable and on the wane ?


Top of the table South Ayrshire Tigers suffered their first defeat of the season at the hands of the improving Gladiator Claymores, who went on to another win against their sister club the Gladiator Bravehearts.

Both Caledonia and Alba played yet another draw between themselves (luckily there was no penalty shoot out to endure), Tayside Dynamos picked up the pace with their first resounding win.

As the day progressed it seems that the South Ayrshire Tigers were the team with the targets on their backs as they faced three strong teams and failed to win and consolidate their top of the table position. Both Clyde Alba and Clyde Caledonia were strong and steady and will be encouraged by their performances as will the teams from the Glasgow Gladiators. The Claymores recorded their first wins of the season and have proved they are capable of beating anyone on the day. Whereas matchday one belonged to the South Ayrshire Tigers, matchday 2 belonged to the Tayside Dynamos with three victories out of three, will they suffer the same fate as the Tigers matchday 3 ??????




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