Scottish FA Para-Football PlayAbility…our game is the same

The Scottish Powerchair Football Association (SPFA) were invited to Hampden Park on Monday evening to witness the on-going progress of our national side with a comfortable victory over Malta.

However there was more going on, Stewart Regen (Chief Executive of the SFA), Andy Gould (Head of Football Development SFA) and Davide McArdle (Para-Football Manager SFA) launched PlayAbility. (click here for full details)

This player centred plan sets out Scottish Football Association’s short, medium and long term objectives following on from Scotland United plan published April 2012.

The various disabled football sections (Powerchair, Hearing Impaired, Mental Health & Well Being, Blind & Visually Impaired, Cerebral Palsy, Frame, Learning Disability, Amputee, Autism, Dwarfism ) will now be united under the SFA’s Para-Football title.

PlayAbility sets out long term plans for all players within the Para-Football family to reach their potential, and has as an agreed framework for clubs and associations to access resources and support.

It is not often the “Blazers” at the SFA are applauded, however Playability is both innovative and inspiring and whilst we may not be world leaders on the pitch (yet !), as chair of the Scottish Powerchair Football Association I have to commend those at work within the SFA for the work that has been done so far and the world lead they are taking in Para-Football. I look forward to the coming years with more determination and drive having read “Playability…our game is the same 2017-2022.”


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