Muscular Dystrophy UK Scottish Powerchair Premiership

The 2017/18 league campaign kicks off this Sunday (8th October 2017) at Stirling Peak with the first fixtures in the MDUK Scottish Powerchair Premiership.

Play starts from 11:30, all players are requested to be available from 11:00am to be addressed by the Chairman and Head Referee of the SPFA regarding clarification on some of the laws of the game.

Note: It is the players responsibility to ensure that their chairs are legal to play (max 6kph), that is speed and fitting of the bumper, also players MUST have nameboards attached to the chair when playing, MDUK logos will be supplied on Sunday and MUST be attached to nameboards.

Lastly, due to the number of SPFA and MDUK banners that will be in place on league fixture days, teams are requested not to use any floor standing banners of their own.

Good Luck one and all, visitors always welcome !

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