MDUK Scottish Powerchair Premiership

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Muscular Dystrophy UK have announced the “Kick Off” to the new season (click here) and the beginning of the four year partnership with the Scottish Powerchair Football Association (SPFA).

The partnership aims to allow powerchair footballers from every corner of the coutry to take part in our sport at local level through local clubs, National level by taking part in National League and Cup competitions and of course develop to International standard to represent our country at European and World Championships.

New teams are already being developed utilising the resources supplied by MDUK and we look forward to demonstrating the game to all those visitors from the Forth Valley area who will join us this Sunday.

Good luck to our newest team to enter the MDUK Scottish Powerchair Premiership, the Lothian Wolves. A great example of how a team can be formed with a little collaboration and a great deal of determination, well done Lothian Disability Sport, coaches, parents/carers and of course the players, “Chris Jaquin, Arthur Lawson, Daniel Kirk, Alex Muir, Lee Miller, Rizwam Watt, Antoney Swift.”

Hope you enjoy the competition and of course have fun.



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