Player Profile

Beginning of the new season and our first player to be profiled is Connor McCole.

Full name ? Connor McCole

Age ? 19 years

Team ? Clyde Alba

Position ? Left winger (sort of)

Favourite TV programme ? Game of thrones

What would be your perfect meal and who would you share it with ?

Steak and chips with Christiano Ronaldo

If you were to be deserted on an island what three things luxuries could you not live without ? Phone, Television, FIFA.

Favourite music ? House, Club Music my least favourite is RAP music

How did you hear about powerchair football and what attracted you to the game ?

It was through a friend of mine, and I thought this was something new to try as there are not many sports like powerchair football out there for people in wheelchairs.

How long have you been playing ? At least four years.

What is the best thing about powerchair football ? Playing in a team and meeting new people

What would you be doing if you weren’t playing football ? definitely partying more at weekends

What has been your most memorable moments in powerchair football ? Everything really, winning the League four years ago was obviously a good memory, disappointed to be runner up a few times but everything has been perfect really.

In your team who has the best sense of humour ? I would say my team mate Lewis McConnell he is quite funny and a good laugh

In your team who is the most likely to be sent off ? Thomas Pettigrew !

What advice would you give to any one who was considering trying out the game ? I would say just go along and try it because it is a good sport

Personal goals for the season ? Just to play the best that I can and hopefully win the League

Thanks Connor, best of luck for the rest of the season.

If you would to find out more information or enquire about playing or volunteering with The Scottish Powerchair Football Association to ensure footballers like Connor have access to the game, fun and socialising with new team mates andof course take part in National competition please get in touch,


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