National Squad Development Day

On behalf of National Team coaches, Craig Peattie, Ryan Galloway and Garry Johnstone, well done to all who took part in todays event. The respect shown to all the coaches and fellow powerchair footballers was exemplary.

As coaches we would hope that as we try and steer you players in the direction we want to play our international game, we can only hope that as players you take the time to listen and try your best to achieve the objectives being set for you.

Every Player involved today without exception raised their game as required, and in spells despite this being our first training session there was some terrific play and goals scored. On behalf of your coaches we cant wait for the next session and the chance to take our game on another level.

Thanks to all the parents, carers and volunteers who again helped out in making sure our players strive to achieve the best of their ability.

Lastly, please note these national training and development days are facilitated by the Scottish Football Association under there Para Football, “PlayAbility” plan. Please take the time to read this document (on our previous posts) as this published plan is a framework to allow all to participate in football from cradle to grave irrespective of age, ability or disability. We may not be leaders on the pitch but we are certainly world leaders in terms of football for all.

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