MDUK Scottish Premiership. Matchday(2)-Results.

Another hectic day in the Muscular Dystrophy Scottish Premiership at the Peak in Stirling for Matchday 2.

Plenty of goals and some terrific performances particularly from Clyde Alba, Glasgow Gladiators and new league leaders the South Ayrshire Tigers, they will be joined by current champions Tayside Dynamos in the new 10K play off matches for the MDUK Scottish Premiership title.

Not forgetting Glasgow Gladiator Bravehearts, Lothian Wolves and Clyde Caledonia who will compete in the 6K MDUK Scottish Championship, which will be no less competitive.

Good luck to all when the plays-offs commence after the Winter break.

Special thanks to those who volunteered to step up to support our game by taking on roles as officials, along with our existing referees they deserve a huge amount of credit for what is a mostly thankless and very difficult task, as ever they should be respected for the role they play in facilitating our game.

League 2

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