Muscular Dystrophy UK Scottish Conference

The Muscular Dystrophy UK Scottish Conference takes place this weekend 11th November at the Golden Jubilee Hotel, Glasgow ((Click here for more information)).

The Scottish Powerchair Football Association will be there to showcase our sport and highlight the benefits of playing and competing in a team sport.

If you are an SPFA player and can spare an hour or two around lunchtime to show off your skills please contact Garry ( as soon as possible, also any members of the committee (or clubs) available to assist throughout or part of the day please notify Garry Johnstone as soon as you can please.

Calling all budding Referee and Assistant Referees

If you like to help facilitate the beautiful game for those who are differently able, why not volunteer to become a referee or assistant referee in Powerchair Football.

The Scottish Powerchair Football Association (SPFA) will support and train you to become an official SPFA referee to support the National League and Cup competitions.

The SPFA are members of the European and International Powerchair Football Associations and there will be opportunities if required to progress to international standard.

The National competitions will require 6/7 days a year (normally Sundays – monthly), with 1/2 days for training annually. The international development would be at your own discretion.

Please email or use the contact portal on the website to register your interest, if you would like to know more about the sport please use the same contact details.

National Squad Development Day

On behalf of National Team coaches, Craig Peattie, Ryan Galloway and Garry Johnstone, well done to all who took part in todays event. The respect shown to all the coaches and fellow powerchair footballers was exemplary.

As coaches we would hope that as we try and steer you players in the direction we want to play our international game, we can only hope that as players you take the time to listen and try your best to achieve the objectives being set for you.

Every Player involved today without exception raised their game as required, and in spells despite this being our first training session there was some terrific play and goals scored. On behalf of your coaches we cant wait for the next session and the chance to take our game on another level.

Thanks to all the parents, carers and volunteers who again helped out in making sure our players strive to achieve the best of their ability.

Lastly, please note these national training and development days are facilitated by the Scottish Football Association under there Para Football, “PlayAbility” plan. Please take the time to read this document (on our previous posts) as this published plan is a framework to allow all to participate in football from cradle to grave irrespective of age, ability or disability. We may not be leaders on the pitch but we are certainly world leaders in terms of football for all.

Player Profile

Beginning of the new season and our first player to be profiled is Connor McCole.

Full name ? Connor McCole

Age ? 19 years

Team ? Clyde Alba

Position ? Left winger (sort of)

Favourite TV programme ? Game of thrones

What would be your perfect meal and who would you share it with ?

Steak and chips with Christiano Ronaldo

If you were to be deserted on an island what three things luxuries could you not live without ? Phone, Television, FIFA.

Favourite music ? House, Club Music my least favourite is RAP music

How did you hear about powerchair football and what attracted you to the game ?

It was through a friend of mine, and I thought this was something new to try as there are not many sports like powerchair football out there for people in wheelchairs.

How long have you been playing ? At least four years.

What is the best thing about powerchair football ? Playing in a team and meeting new people

What would you be doing if you weren’t playing football ? definitely partying more at weekends

What has been your most memorable moments in powerchair football ? Everything really, winning the League four years ago was obviously a good memory, disappointed to be runner up a few times but everything has been perfect really.

In your team who has the best sense of humour ? I would say my team mate Lewis McConnell he is quite funny and a good laugh

In your team who is the most likely to be sent off ? Thomas Pettigrew !

What advice would you give to any one who was considering trying out the game ? I would say just go along and try it because it is a good sport

Personal goals for the season ? Just to play the best that I can and hopefully win the League

Thanks Connor, best of luck for the rest of the season.

If you would to find out more information or enquire about playing or volunteering with The Scottish Powerchair Football Association to ensure footballers like Connor have access to the game, fun and socialising with new team mates andof course take part in National competition please get in touch,


MDUK Scottish Powerchair Premiership

@ScottishFA_dis ; @MDUK_News ; @SDS_sport

Muscular Dystrophy UK have announced the “Kick Off” to the new season (click here) and the beginning of the four year partnership with the Scottish Powerchair Football Association (SPFA).

The partnership aims to allow powerchair footballers from every corner of the coutry to take part in our sport at local level through local clubs, National level by taking part in National League and Cup competitions and of course develop to International standard to represent our country at European and World Championships.

New teams are already being developed utilising the resources supplied by MDUK and we look forward to demonstrating the game to all those visitors from the Forth Valley area who will join us this Sunday.

Good luck to our newest team to enter the MDUK Scottish Powerchair Premiership, the Lothian Wolves. A great example of how a team can be formed with a little collaboration and a great deal of determination, well done Lothian Disability Sport, coaches, parents/carers and of course the players, “Chris Jaquin, Arthur Lawson, Daniel Kirk, Alex Muir, Lee Miller, Rizwam Watt, Antoney Swift.”

Hope you enjoy the competition and of course have fun.



Muscular Dystrophy UK Scottish Powerchair Premiership

The 2017/18 league campaign kicks off this Sunday (8th October 2017) at Stirling Peak with the first fixtures in the MDUK Scottish Powerchair Premiership.

Play starts from 11:30, all players are requested to be available from 11:00am to be addressed by the Chairman and Head Referee of the SPFA regarding clarification on some of the laws of the game.

Note: It is the players responsibility to ensure that their chairs are legal to play (max 6kph), that is speed and fitting of the bumper, also players MUST have nameboards attached to the chair when playing, MDUK logos will be supplied on Sunday and MUST be attached to nameboards.

Lastly, due to the number of SPFA and MDUK banners that will be in place on league fixture days, teams are requested not to use any floor standing banners of their own.

Good Luck one and all, visitors always welcome !

Scottish FA Para-Football PlayAbility…our game is the same

The Scottish Powerchair Football Association (SPFA) were invited to Hampden Park on Monday evening to witness the on-going progress of our national side with a comfortable victory over Malta.

However there was more going on, Stewart Regen (Chief Executive of the SFA), Andy Gould (Head of Football Development SFA) and Davide McArdle (Para-Football Manager SFA) launched PlayAbility. (click here for full details)

This player centred plan sets out Scottish Football Association’s short, medium and long term objectives following on from Scotland United plan published April 2012.

The various disabled football sections (Powerchair, Hearing Impaired, Mental Health & Well Being, Blind & Visually Impaired, Cerebral Palsy, Frame, Learning Disability, Amputee, Autism, Dwarfism ) will now be united under the SFA’s Para-Football title.

PlayAbility sets out long term plans for all players within the Para-Football family to reach their potential, and has as an agreed framework for clubs and associations to access resources and support.

It is not often the “Blazers” at the SFA are applauded, however Playability is both innovative and inspiring and whilst we may not be world leaders on the pitch (yet !), as chair of the Scottish Powerchair Football Association I have to commend those at work within the SFA for the work that has been done so far and the world lead they are taking in Para-Football. I look forward to the coming years with more determination and drive having read “Playability…our game is the same 2017-2022.”


Discovery Games, Dundee. Scottish League Cup 2017/18

Dundee International Sports Centre was again the venue for traditional season opening competition, the Scottish League Cup.

Seven teams from across Scotland took part with two groups competing in a round robin format with the winners of each group playing each other to decide the winners.

History will look back and note that Tayside Dynamo and Clyde Alba contested the final again, however this does not give an accurate description of the raised level and standard of play by all the other competing teams throughout the day, with Tayside Dynamo only scraping through to the final after a penalty shoot out against the South Ayrshire Tigers.

Alas the final was again a very hard fought encounter with these two auld rivals, and yet again neither side could break down their opponenets defences. The game finished 0-0 and was decided on penalties, with Tayside Dynamo coming out on top.

Congratulations to both Tayside Dynamo and Clyde Alba who demonstrated true sportsmanship, although the final was a real tough encounter full of passion and determination, there was an abundance of respect before, during and after the game.

Thanks again to Dundee Disability Sport for facilitating the Discovery Games and allowing those who are differently abled to participate in all manner of sports.

Lastly, a huge thank you to our friends (Donal, Mark & Gerry) from The Association of Irish Powerchair Football (AIPF) for attending and mentoring our referreeing throughout the day, a considerable amount of progress has been made and we look forward to meeting up again in the near future.

Donal Byrne, Secretary, (AIPF) noted, “It was a great pleasure to visit the SPFA League Cup in Dundee and to see the progression in all the teams since my last visit two years ago. I hope that bringing our two experienced referees will lead to further progression in the months ahead and to further development and sharing of ideas and exchanges between our two countries.”