SPFA & Para-Football

The SPFA have be responsibility for:

  • Creation of Season Fixtures
  • Administration of League tables
  • Running of competition days
  • Administering the Rules
  • Adhering to Para-Football Child Well-being and Protection Policy
  • Maintenance of Equipment
  • Booking of Facilities 
  • Appointing Referees
  • Report of season to be submitted to the Scottish FA
  • Produce Funding request before each season
  • Creation of Application 
  • Maintenance of competition trophies
  • Purchase of competition medals

The Scottish FA via Para-Football have responsibility for:

  • Signing off on rules and governance
  • Holding the International Powerchiar membership
  • Coach Education
  • Referee training
  • Technical Information support
  • Supporting Club Development
  • Promotion of the Game Leader

    As a Scottish FA Game Leader the SPFA adheres to all policies and procedures put in place to better the game and safeguard our participants.