League Games

  • Teams will compete on specified League fixture days.
  • The number of games played during the course of the season / fixtures days will be determined by the number of teams entered.
  • New teams may be invited to join the League as an associate member – these teams will play friendly matches from the time they join to the end of the league competition
  • Games will be played at 15 minutes a half.


3 points will be awarded for a WIN, 2 points for a DRAW and 1 points for a LOSS. In the event of teams being tied on points the following will determine the placing.

  • Goal Difference
  • Goals Scored
  • Head to Head rule
  • Head to Head Goal Difference
  • Toss of a Coin

Please Note: A maximum of 10 goals will be counted for and against in any match

Player Cautions

  • Players receiving a Red Card (Straight Red / 2 Yellow Cards) will automatically be suspended for the next game
  • Players who receive 3 yellow cards during the League Season will be suspended for 1 game.
  • A Player who receives 3 red cards during a league season will be suspended for a full league fixture day.
  • All notices of player suspension will be issued by the Disability Development Officer.
  • Please note; All cautions are rescinded for the Scottish Cup Competition with competition treated as 1 day event with players starting with a new disciplinary card – Yellow and Red Card suspensions will still be enforced
  • Please note; Suspensions and Disciplinary records will not carry over to New Seasons