League Games

  • Teams will compete on specified League fixture days.
  • The number of games played during the course of the season / fixtures days will be determined by the number of teams entered.
  • New teams may be invited to join the League as an associate member – these teams will play friendly matches from the time they join to the end of the league competition
  • Games will be played at 15 minutes a half.


3 points will be awarded for a WIN, 2 points for a DRAW and 1 points for a LOSS. In the event of teams being tied on points the following will determine the placing.

  • Goal Difference
  • Goals Scored
  • Head to Head rule
  • Head to Head Goal Difference
  • Toss of a Coin

Please Note: A maximum of 10 goals will be counted for and against in any match


All rulings on players, coaches and spectators who receive cards during SPFA match days will be subject to the rulings of the association according to the seasons rules and regulations.
Rules and regulations are provided to all member clubs at the start of every new playing season and comply with FIPFA’s laws of the game.