The Scottish Powerchair Football Associations Treasurer is Gareth Mitchelson.


Personal aim for SPFA:

Ensure that we have a secure financial basis to allow us to grow the domestic game & leagues in Scotland and to give the National Squad the freedom to continue to develop and progress in the world of International PowerChair Football.


I am a qualified Chartered Accountant with experience across a wide variety of industries and charities. I became involved with the SPFA as treasurer on its inception and other than a brief spell have been its treasurer ever since.

Over the last number of years I have undertaken quite a few PowerChair Football courses, workshops and other activities and am now have Coaching and Safeguarding qualifications with both the Scottish FA and The FA in England.


Highland dancing & PowerChair Football.

I was a competitive Highland Dancer taking part in the Highland Games throughout Scotland and North America for many years before stepping back some 20 years ago when my daughters came on the scene. Then followed many more years re-touring the Highland Games and Competitions (along with my wife Donna and son Logan) accompanying my daughters as they competed at many of the same events as I had done and and who have found great success of their own at Scottish, European and World levels.

In recent years I have switched to touring the UK with my son Logan who plays PowerChair Football for the Scottish National Squad and also in the English Premiership with Leeds PFC (and before that with Northern Thunder). We journey south twice weekly for training and then 9 or 10 times a year for Regional and National events. Add to this Scotland tournaments and we have an extremely busy schedule.

I don’t have time for any other hobbies!