Support Powerchair Football in Scotland through Classification


On the weekend of May 19/20 The SPFA in conjunction with the European Powerchair Football Association (EPFA) will be hosting a weekend of Powerchair football at the Sports Scotland Inverclyde National training Centre.
We are looking for anyone who would like to get involved in Powerchair football through classification. We currently play in a National League with a Scottish and League Cup events. The League and Scottish Cup match days are currently held in the Peak in Stirling throughout the football season. The sport is supported through the SFA’s Para Football Affiliated National Association.
As part of this weekend in May we will be supported by Classifiers from the EPFA who will be classifying a number of our players and will also train classifiers who would then be expected to carry out a full programme of classification with all current players and continuing with any new players. They would also maintain a classification master list for all players. This would be an ideal role for anyone with a medical background, perhaps an Occupational Therapist or Physio. The role is not restricted though so if you are keen to support we would welcome your assistance.

The purpose of the FIPFA Classification System is to minimise the impact of impairment on the outcome of competition, therefore the players who succeed in competition do so on the basis of their sporting ability.
To achieve this purpose, players are evaluated and put into sport classes according to the extent of activity limitation resulting from their impairment.
More specifically, this System has a dual purpose:

  • Determine Eligibility to Compete
  • Group Athletes for Competition

If you’re interested and can commit to attending match days or visiting clubs then please let us know.

I can honestly say when you see the teams play you will be hooked so get in touch if you are interested, let us know either by:

e-mail –
twitter – @The_SPFA
Facebook – Scottish Powerchair Football Association
Or simply comment below
We look forward to hearing from you

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