Player Survey – The results are in………

Thank you to all players who took the time to complete our survey and took the opportunity to give us your thoughts. The results are very encouraging with 74% answering positively to the work we at the SPFA are doing, 78% thought the communication from

us was good or better than good, quite clear that e-mail and Facebook are the preferred communication methods. We will take account of this. Our competition set up was also positively received at 74%.
Whilst we are pleased with these results, we will look to the points raised and what we could do to get these scores even higher.
We also asked about the Peak as a venue, again 74% voted positively. Main issues raised were heating, changing rooms and disabled toilets. We have and will continue to work with The Peak to resolve these concerns. The Peak are currently converting a room within the sports hall corridor into a changing places space this will be fully equipped with all modern equipment. These issues were raised in the Scottish Parliament and local MSP will be visiting The Peak during a Riverside training session.
It was a strong result in favour of holding an end of year celebration and we are currently working toward this, hopefully have some news very soon.

We had a couple of comments on refereeing. We have been working hard to increase our pool and with our Lead referee Jill Galloway we have a plan in place to develop the 9 officials supporting the game. Of the nine, currently six have been through an EPFA course and of those two have been signed off by the EPFA. The officials for the league games are based on this and
individual’s skills and competencies. We will be looking to put the remaining officials through an EPFA course and give them the opportunities to develop in the role. The Head Referee was invited to the Nations Cup in Finland in May 2019 to gain international experience and work towards international accreditation, unfortunately on this occasion she was unable to attend.

There was a suggestion that the SPFA committee visit clubs and this is something I would like to do soon. We would also extend an invitation to anyone wishing to attend an SPFA meeting to let us know, we plan to ensure minutes from these meetings are available to all
Thank you again for taking the time to complete the survey, we are considering all suggestions and comments made. The praise given is very much appreciated, we are all in this for the same reason, as mentioned in the survey, to “Create more opportunities for people in powerchairs to take part in a sport”.
Together Driving Football Forward

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