UEFA EURO 2020 Host City Collaboration

We are delighted to announce that the SPFA have been asked to work with CAFE (Centre for Access to Football in Europe) as host city Collaborators for EURO 2020.


As part of CAFE’s works around UEFA EURO 2020, we are inviting locally based disability NGOs in each of the 12 host cities to collaborate with us. The aims of this project include:

• To establish or strengthen existing relationships in access and inclusion;
• To gain further knowledge of more locally based disabled supporters;
• To promote UEFA and CAFE’s works around UEFA EURO 2020;
• To verify accurate host city accessibility information (public transport, accessible taxi companies, etc.);
• To promote the CAFE and UEFA EURO 2020 Disabled Spectator Guides;
• To encourage greater engagement and user-led disabled fan feedback.

The first task we will be supporting CAFE on, is their UEFA EURO 2020 Accessibility Monitor Project. This project is aimed at finding two locally based disabled people (one wheelchair user and one non-wheelchair user) to attend chosen matches in each host city to provide CAFE with detailed and thorough feedback after each match. Full training in the role of Accessibility Monitor will be provided to the successful applicants.

You can find out how to apply and more information from the attached link www.cafefootball.eu/news/apply-now-to-become-a-cafe-accessibility-monitor-at-uefa-euro-2020

We would love to see our Para Footballers become involved in this project.

@ScotAmputeeFA @ScottishDeafFA @FFootballScot @TeamUnitedSco @CPfootball_SCO @ScottishFA_dis

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