Goals Beyond Grass – Get Talking

I hope you are all keeping safe during this challenging time. We know that this can be a very difficult time for everyone and many may feel naturally isolated or lonely or simply just missing Powerchair Football.

Goals Beyond Grass are working alongside their GBG Ambassadors on an initiative called Get Talking, which is aiming to reach out to as many players within the powerchair football community, to check how they are doing but to hopefully also give them a boost and something positive during this time. Jon Bolding, Brad Bates and Chris Gordon all currently represent the England powerchair football team and are keen to help and to reach out to as many people within the community as possible.

This will usually involve a zoom video call but we are able to be flexible on this. So far we have reached out to 64 participants and we are hoping to reach out to many more players over the coming weeks.

There is also have Millie Bean (WFA Referee) and Hannah Powis (Premiership coach) who are very popular members of the powerchair football community who are also keen to make some calls.

If you would like a call or know someone who would, please fill in the details here – https://www.goalsbeyondgrass.co.uk/gbg-get-talking

Please don’t hesitate to fill in the form, and once you have done so GBG will try to arrange the calls asap.

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