Remembrance Day

This Remembrance Day, the Scottish Powerchair Football Association will not only remember those fallen heroes who have served their country but we would like to do our bit for those who have served recently and come home facing new challenges.

We would like to actively appeal to the ex-service community of Scotland.
To those who have returned from duty and find themselves looking to get involved in sport again, to those adapting to life with a wheelchair, to those who may feel isolated and to those who want to be active in a team sport.
The SPFA will be reaching out to our ex-service community to support in any way possible. With teams up and down the country we are keen to get more individuals involved in our exciting team sport.
We feel we can provide a safe and enjoyable experience to play a competitive team sport and be part of a like minded community going through similar life experiences.

If you would like to get involved or know someone who may wish to take part in various roles please get in touch.

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