Powerchair weekend

Well that was a busy one!!

This weekend we have hosted Martin Bevan Head Referee at the EPFA, he led a two day course upskilling some of our new and current referees. One day classroom training was followed by some practical learning with some games today. Massive thanks to Martin for taking the time to come up and also thanks to our officials who attended both days.

The practical learning also doubled up as training for our Scotland squad, almost five hours of game time on the Sunday followed a seriously hard day’s whatsapp image 2019-01-20 at 20.59.09training on the Saturday and it was a real push for the players as they were put through their paces by Coaches Garry Johnstone and Craig Peattie. The coaches want to thank the players for their hard work this weekend, particularly having to put up with the intensity of the coaching, Garry Johnstone said “The thing I was most pleased with was the attitude of the players, which was exceptional considering the intensity of the weekend”

Martin Bevan also commented on the immense development the squad has shown since he last met up with them in May of 2018.

Well done to all involved, players, coaches referees, parents and carers. The weekend will further support our development across all areas.

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