EPFA Workshop – Dublin 2019

This weekend Willie Pettigrew, Craig Peattie and Ryan Galloway represented the SPFA at an EPFA workshop in Dublin, held over two days the event was led by EPFA President Donal Byrne and Adam McEvoy, there were representatives from England, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Switzerland (T, Germany and Denmark.

20190125_140425Following a tour of the National Sports Campus we headed to the FAI headquarters where all nations gave a presentation on powerchair football in their country, we also heard from Oisin Jordan, National football co-ordinator at the FAI and CEO of Paralympics Ireland Miriam Malone. 20190125_135203We also heard from European Head of Referees, Martin Bevan and Stewart Evans, Head of Classification at FIPFA. Really great to hear what is going on across Europe.

Following an evening of some traditional Irish music, there were one or two pints of the black stuff taken, we were all ready for day 2. We headed back to the FAI where we had some very interesting group discussions around development, competitions and funding. Loads of good ideas coming out and Donal and the EPFA will take these away. We were then able to spend some time with the Republic of Ireland’s national team as they held a training session, really grateful for them for inviting us along to see some really good experienced players.20190126_122625

All in all a great weekend, great to meet reps from across Europe and to start building those relationships and we came home confident that the game in Scotland is really progressing well.

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