SPFA Awards night

It’s just two weeks until our Awards night in the Lomond Suite at Hampden Park, Glasgow.

Things are shaping up for the night and I would like to announce that Craig Brown CBE, former Scotland manager and the last manager to take Craig Brownour male team to a major tournament will attend the event.

Craig also managed Aberdeen, Motherwell, Preston and Clyde following a playing career at Falkirk and Dundee.

We are absolutely delighted Craig, a big supporter of disabled sport over many years, Craig is a patron of Scottish Disability Sport, will join us.

Of course the real stars will be our player’s and in particular those nominated and shortlisted for our awards. The awards and shortlist are:

Premiership Player of the Year – Sponsored by Neatebox

Logan Mitchelson – Tayside Dynamo

Thomas Pettigrew – Clyde Alba

Kieran Burns – Clyde Alba

Eythan Galloway – Tayside Dynamo

Championship Player of the Year – Sponsored by Neatebox

Connor Colhoun – Clyde Caledonia

Chris Jacquin – Lothian Wolves

Alexander Johnstone – Tayside Dynamo

Tyler McLelland – Lothian Wolves

Player’s Player of the Year – Sponsored by Sam Judge Accountants

Eythan Galloway – Tayside Dynamo

Kieran Burns – Clyde Alba

Nicky Duncan – Tayside Dynamo

Logan Mitchelson – Tayside Dynamo

Breakthrough Star – Sponsored by DB Engineering

Tyler McLelland – Lothian Wolves

Pauline Paterson – South Ayrshire Tigers

Scott McIntyre – Riverside

Eythan Galloway – Tayside Dynamo

Most Valued Player – Sponsored by 1Up QA Services

Colin Shields – Clyde Alba

Connor Colhoun – Clyde Caledonia

Stuart Niven – South Ayrshire Tigers

Daniel Quinn – Glasgow Gladiators

Volunteer of the Year – sponsored by The Forge Market

Steven Miller – Lothian Wolves

Garry Johnstone – Scotland & Tayside Dynamo

Adam McGovern – South Ayrshire Tigers

Gill Kilcullen – Glasgow Gladiators

Premiership & Championship Top Goalscorers – Sponsored by Mobility Central Sport

There will also be a special award for Special Recognition and topthis and all winners will be announced live on the evening.

As well as having the awards their will be a hot roll buffet, a raffle with some fantastic prizes and a disco. The event is licensed and open to all ages. It all kicks off at 7.30pm

Tickets are just £10 and are available through your club or contact info@thespfa.org


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