Referee Induction Evening

We are excited to announce we will be hosting a referee induction evening on Sunday 9th May.

Following successful discussions and presentations to nine of the Scottish Football Association referee regions we are delighted to welcome a group of officials to our induction evening. The evening will be an opportunity for the new officials to learn all about Powerchair Football and in particular the Scottish game, the night will also provide an opportunity for the SPFA to answer any questions on the sport.
The SPFA will be supported on the night by our Head Referee, Jill Galloway Jill will share her knowledge of the sport and provide handy advice on how to best manage live matches as well as her experiences so far.

Although we are not yet at a return to football stage in terms of playing the game, this evening proves to be an exciting step forward in developing a crucial area of our sport.
We look forward to welcoming the officials to a court in the near future and begin their own journeys in the Scottish Powerchair game.

Special thanks to Tom Murphy, Deputy Head of Refereeing Operations at the Scottish FA and Laura Anderson, Community Project Coordinator at the Scottish FA for their assistance.
We are also grateful to each of the following regions for their support and allowing us the time to present;

  1. Aberdeen
  2. Lanarkshire
  3. Renfrewshire
  4. Glasgow
  5. Ayrshire
  6. Moray & Banff
  7. South of Scotland
  8. Fife
  9. Stirlingshire.

We look forward to meeting Edinburgh, North of Scotland and Angus & Perthshire in August 2021.

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