MDUK National League

Last weekend seen clubs from across the country compete in the MDUK National Leagues once again.
The first league fixtures of 2022 followed Novembers league opener in 2021 as football returned to Scotland following a long pause through Covid-19.

Both Novembers and February’s league fixtures provided huge entertainment and competition as players from across the country enjoyed playing competitive football again, a feeling missed since February 2020.
The sight of many happy faces enjoying their football again made all the work during the pandemic all the worth while. Participants meeting friends again from other clubs and spectators embracing the return made the league days a very pleasurable experience.

We hope all of our clubs have enjoyed the leagues so far and look forward to the next league day in March.

We would also like to thank our Premiership and Championship league sponsors Muscular Dystrophy United Kingdom for their continued support which allows the SPFA to operate the leagues.

An updated League table can be found on our 2021/22 MDUK League Tables page.

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