National League Champions

With the conclusion of the national leagues the Scottish Powerchair Football Association are proud to present the 2022/23 season champions.

Starting with the national Championship which provided some excellent football throughout the season. Teams introducing new players into this level of football while providing a competitive season is certainly a highlight of ours.

Runners up we have Dundee United Dynamos

2022/23 Champions are Ayrshire Tigers

Next up we had the national Premiership which provided thrilling football throughout the season. The 2022/23 season provided the most competitive league season to date with many close games.
All teams on their day could and did take points from each other.
Congratulations to FC United in their debut season, coming straight into the premiership was never going to be an easy task.

Runners up we have Strathclyde Alba

2022/23 Champions are Tayside Dynamos

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