League Cup Plate – Final

During the 2022/23 season the Scottish Powerchair Football Association added a new competitive structure to the League Cup.

With overwhelming backing from clubs the new format allowed for the League Cup Plate to be introduced.
Following a split in the League Cup in September the Final of the League Cup Plate was played at the end of March 2023.

The two teams battling out to make history of the very first League Plate Champions where Premiership side Lothian Wolves and Championship side Dundee United Dynamos.

Cup Final

The cup final provided what could arguably be the most entering game of the season thus far. An early lead for Dundee Utd set the game off at a great pace. Lothian would push on for an equalizer, however straight from kick off Dundee Utd found themselves back in the lead at 2-1. Rarely do we see a goal from kick off, however unbelievably the Lothian would score straight from kick off again for 2-2. Three goals in the space of two minutes, this game if it hadn’t already now had the crowd gripped.
Both teams firmly with their sights set for silverware continued to provide the goods. Dundee Utd taking the lead for a third time to take the score to 3-2 just before half time.

The second half began with an early early goal to bring the game back to 3-3, however less than a minute later it was Dundee Utd once again taking the lead for 4-3. Both teams continued to look for a goal, especially Lothian Wolves who needed a goal to take the game to penalties. With around a minute to play Lothian found the goal to round up an eight goal thriller.

The final goes to penalties and the winner is Lothian Wolves.

What an unbelievably good game of football on display, one of those games nobody deserved to lose.

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